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Risk management for importers and traders of wood & wooden products

Illegal logging is a major cause for worldwide forest destruction. It is estimated that 7 to 17% of the worldwide traded wood is from illegal sources. In the past years several governmental programs and laws have been implemented to reply / react to illegal logging. This includes the European Timber Regulation EUTR in the EU, the Lacey Act in the USA and the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act in Australia. All such programs oblige companies to ensure not to trade or use wood originating from illegal logging. Such Due Diligence usually includes a risk assessment of the possibility that wood may be illegal.

timber-risk.com© is a portal to support companies which want to apply due diligence. timber-risk.com© gives companies the possibility to get a first estimate of potential risks via a simple IT-based query option based  on wood species and origin independent from the mentioned provisions and statutory regulations. Furthermore, it supplies suggestions on how to minimize potential risks.   

Sample risk-assessment

How your risk-assessment could look like:

Sample risk-assessment
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